Mobile Action i-gotU GT-600 USB GPS Travel Logger Recensioner

  • av Anonymous
  • den 16 augusti 2015

Fait le job

Je l'ai acheté pour géolocaliser mes photos. A condition de bien synchroniser l'heure sur les deux appareils, c'est parfait. Il est possible aussi de rattraper cette synchronisation par le logiciel. Maintenant je l'utilise aussi pour suivre mes randonnées, voir les dénivelés, etc... Utile, même s'il faut attendre de rentrer à la maison pour exploiter les données (je n'ai pas de tablette connectée)

  • av Anonymous
  • den 26 november 2014


Logger arrived on time and works exactly as expected.

  • av Anonymous
  • den 26 november 2014


gleich getestet, hält was es verspricht, genaue Ortung

  • av alan
  • den 27 augusti 2014

great bit of kit

I run my own business and it lets me keep a check on my vans

  • av Anonymous
  • den 11 juli 2014

i-gotU GT-600

Excellent produit

  • av Crafty
  • den 7 juli 2014

i-gotU GT-600 USB GPS Travel Logger

Great piece of gear. So many features in a small package. Good software to compliment the hardware.

  • av voxmagna
  • den 10 november 2016

i-gotU GT-600 for photo tagging

The GT-600 has a built in 750mAh li-ion rechargeable battery which is charged from a laptop or USB mains charger using the proprietary USB lead supplied. The GT-600 is water resistant and claims to be o.k for skiing and water sports. Therein is a potential downside which makes it virtually impossible to replace the internal battery: The GT-600 plastic case is heat welded for a good seal and they use a proprietary contact pad connector adapter lead to usb for charging, I think these are good reasons why they sealed up the case. The GT-600 has a large center button. This is used for power up and down and can be used with a short press to force a manual waypoint tag. The software app. allows you to disable the button function. For photography I have the GT-600 on a neck strap in my shirt pocket and press the button before and after taking a photo for manual location tags They recommend using the GT-600 horizontal so you can slip it into the lid pocket of a camera bag, but in open spaces it works fine in my shirt pocket. For photo tagging you need to be able to read back data stored in the GT-600 and either tag photos using their @trip software or export the data in gpx format which is read by most map tracking applications. I found their software had a bug running on Win_7 64. When you connect the GT-600 to your PC to suck out its data their app. puts up a pop up saying there is no data, but then procedes to download it! The photo tagging and mapping features within @trip work well for .jpg photos. When you connect the adaptor lead to the GT-600 they don't tell you to make an angle of about 45 degrees to mate the connector, and lift it up first to about the same angle to remove it. The connector has a top side arrow. The GT-600 has blue and red led indicators telling you when the unit is on, charging and tracking but it is dumb in the sense it cannot tell you how many satellites it has locked to. It also has modes where it seems to flash blue and red randomly - haven't worked that out yet. There are plenty of good points about the GT-600 but my feeling is the product and previous versions have been around a while and have evolved to a reasonable degree, but the application software is a little quirky to use. However, it works which is the main thing. It has some useful built in features like being able to join and edit your track routes. This is handy if you first put your saved track on a map and need to delete the occasional location error before synching the track route to your photos. The GT-600 model has sacrificed Blu-tooth connectivity for the motion sensing feature which is o.k for photo tagging, but you can no longer use it to pair as an active GPS receiver with another device - fine when you consider the increased battery draw of two radio receivers. The software supplied with my GT-600 was out of date and there was an important date year bug fix that requires a firmware update. The Mobileaction website gives excellent product support and alfirmware l the latest downloads. Forget the packaged CD and go straight to their site for the latest software download. GT-600 firmware is integrated in the software download and gets into the GT-600 when you connect it to a PC - all transparent and in the background. Their software worked on 64 bit Windows. The GT-600 uses the S/IRF III GPS chipset which is now not the most efficient for battery power, although the li-ion battery is well sized for the job. They need to upda

  • av Anonymous
  • den 3 februari 2016

Great kit

After several years I needed a new GPSTracker and this is as good as the past devices. Easy to use if you are happy to 'play' a bit. It's really fascinating to see where you've been.

  • av Anonymous
  • den 6 augusti 2015

bon produit mais...

dommage qu'il n'y ai pas de driver sur MAC attendons aussi le GPS sirf4 ? manque un peu de sensibilité

  • av Miguelito
  • den 3 januari 2013

Rápido y preciso

Tras un par de usos gana precisión detectando hasta cambios de acera. Rápido y preciso. Sencillo para geolocalizar fotos y ver las rutas. No se cómo he podido estar sin él.