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WPA Firmware upgrade?

Inlägg: 10:39 02 sep 04 #1
  • Gizmo
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  • Datum ansluten: 19 februari 2004
  • Hemort: London, UK

I was looking for a firmware upgrade offering WPA for my DSL-604+ and noticed that there appears to be one only on the D-Link's Australian site:

Does anyone know if this firmware will work in the UK? Has anybody tried it? :-)

Inlägg: 12:56 02 sep 04 #2
  • rperkin
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  • Datum ansluten: 12 augusti 2003
  • Hemort: UK
"looking for a firmware upgrade offering WPA"
Yes, that would be nice!

The TI ACX100 wireless chipset used in the DSL-604+ has hardware support for WEP encryption, so the processing is offloaded from the cpu. The GlobespanVirata communications processor on which the DSL-604+ is based uses an embedded ARM7 cpu and any firmware based WPA encryption/decryption based processing would give it a lot of extra work to do.

It's clearly possible to do, and D-Link have done so for other ARM7 cpu based devices (the DWL-900AP+ Rev B1 is one). However, whether they will release WPA-capable firmware for the DSL-604+ which is now at end-of-life is debatable. I'm not holding my breath.

[Note: the TI TNETW1130 wireless chipset used for some D-Link 802.1g products includes hardware-based support for WPA encytion]

"appears to be one only on the D-Link's Australian site"
While the brief notes suggest that WPA was introduced in b3t30 (where's that?) I'm not aware that it is present in the b3t33au firmware. Perhaps someone from AU can confirm this?

I have extracted and browsed the firmware image with a binary editor and can find no indication that there is any encryption-related configuring other than WEP.

"anyone know if this firmware will work in the UK?"
Unless there is some check to prevent firmware for different regulatory regions being loaded and/or run, then it should install. Whether it will work is a different matter - the AU firmware does not have the 'Multiple PVC' screen present in UK firmware so it may not be practical to configure it for use with a UK ADSL line, although it should be possible.

"Has anybody tried it?"
Not me - are you feeling bold? :)

Hope this helps - anyone else?
Inlägg: 20:18 13 sep 04 #3
I have used the Australian firmware upgrade on my UK DSL 604+ and there is no WPA support as already indicated. Perhaps I should have used a binary editor!!

I have not yet reverted back to the UK version as this is working fine and too many firmware changes are akin to flashing the BIOS on a motherboard - unecessarily risky unless used to get support for more mnodern hardware.

If anyone can find support for WPA for this device, please let us know.
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